Nylon is one of the strongest of the synthetic fibers used in rope manufacturing and is considered a "miracle" synthetic fiber. Nylon is an excellent, high quality rope with wonderful elasticity. It is far superior to Manila Rope in percentage of elongation. Nylon is more than twice as strong as Manila Rope of the same size. Superior resistance to most acids and alkalis is another outstanding characteristic of Nylon. Among the heaviest of natural and synthetic fibers, Nylon's specific gravity is 1.14. Its abrasive resistance is good. Nylon is ideal for use as bow-to-stern towing hawsers; surge lines; mountain climbing ropes; safety lines; lariat ropes; boat falls; drop hammer ropes; target tow ropes; fishing ropes; and industrial slings. Nylon comes in various constructions:

3-Strand Nylon
Solid Braid Nylon
Double Braid Nylon

Nylon Roll Nylon Rope Nylon Closeup